My first day in flow

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I remember my first day in flow. It was my 1st day at University (’94). That’s when I finally got to choose what I wanted to learn more about. I wanted to understand ‘Mother Earth’. And with that to be able to rescue people. I noticed people have lost connection to earth.

Sea level rise

We are building our metropolises in deltas where we experience sea level rise and tsunamis. And we are not paying attention anymore to -for example- birds leaving all of a sudden. We build our suburbs in river floodplains and expect insurance companies or the government to pay for our losses when it goes wrong. Initially, a story about loads of Nepalese people, living in villages in this mountain gorge, intrigued me. They, upper stream, had a solid looking mountain wall, which in fact was made of ‘permeable glacial tilt’. This wall could turn into ‘fluid mud’ any moment because of the amount of glacial melt water that was building behind it.

Disaster management

My fellow senior Physical Geographers at that time created a bypass that released the water pressure. I wondered why we still just wait for volcanoes to burst and earthquakes to happen, while we have such precise GPS systems. I learned we could measure movements using a triangle out of space of three points that scientists think can predict next ones to happen. After all the overwhelming knowledge, that I was fortunate to digest, I finished university.

Talent Dynamics

Then I wondered around in jobs in 7 out of the 8 Talent Dynamics & Wealth Dynamics profiles (!) searching to be of meaning. I loved them all – all of them temporarily, in a rhythm of 1,5 years. After that period of time I had learned what I wanted to learn, and moved on. Every time I liked to challenge myself – and to enlarge my comfort zone.

Almost twenty years later (’13) starting as an entrepreneur I seriously got back into flow being able to create, make my own errors, learn from them and enthusiast others with my creative ideas. I then realised so few people are in flow these days.

Finding flow

In the four years of being an entrepreneur I shifted from being a consultant to being a team coach spreading the slogan:

“I do what I like and I like what I do”.

Potential: finding trust and flow

I believe there is a true potential in every person and have noticed that some of us just haven’t found it yet. In my experience it’s there for everybody! I love, and see it as my obligation, to help others to map their future and empowering teams to deliver a positive impact in the world.

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