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English page

What is geodomein?

You found the English geodomein page. Here you can find a short description on the Dutch company geodomein and it’s founder Roosmarijn Haring.

geodomein creates & gives workshops to help organisations gaining visibility within their business and define long term strategic goals. Becoming visible as a team starts with the team itself: Is it a team? What is the team’s ultimate goal? Has this been translated into plans? geodomein coaches teams to write and pitch their statements, and helps them to make them public. This can for example be by video, social media, or by organising their own event.

Founder Roosmarijn Haring is information coach, community manager, consultant and creative connector. Roosmarijn: “I do what I like and I like what I do. And I love change. Lucky for me, as I like to challenge myself to come out of – and hence enlarge – my comfort zone.”

Roosmarijn has the ability to very quickly understand the long term strategic objectives and managing projects to materialize those goals. Independent, creative, results driven and a great colleague!

Hidde van Kersen

Board Secretary, Manager Communications & Public Affairs, Trimbos Instituut


  • observing and listening
  • creative workshops and games
  • facilitator and process development
  • guiding change and building bridges
  • geography and geo-information
  • organisations and cooperation
  • media and communications
  • information management
  • connecting and community management
  • training to become visible
  • building self-organised teams
  • mission and vision
  • chairing sessions
  • customer satisfaction interviews


geodomein is a management consulting agency. It advices organisations in identifying, analysing and solving company policy issues, organisational issues and communication issues. geodomein operates in the following fields

  1. geography & geo-information
  2. organisation & cooperation
  3. media & information and
  4. information management


Do what you like

Roosmarijn Haring

“Do what you like and like what you do: it is not very complicated. Or is it? As a coach and consultant I interviewed numerous (local) government professionals, as well as business professionals, and I was shocked to find out just how many people consider their job as “just a job”. They seem to have no passion for what they do and look at work as an obligation. One of the ‘professionals’ I talked to was even able to tell me how many sandwiches she still had to prepare until retirement.” (full story on LinkedIn, from December 31, 2015 but still true).