Roosmarijn is a fantastic entrepreneur and mentor. Her company, Geodomein, helps companies to find their own map in their mission and culture. If you’re looking to find your own unique position in the world I highly recommend connecting with her!

Roger James Hamilton

Founder of Entrepreneurs Institute, Entrepreneur Resorts & Genius U, Entrepreneurs Institute and GeniusU

Roosmarijn’s natural way of storytelling at the conference uncovered for me the essence and importance of the meaning and purpose of Geodomein and piqued my curiosity. Geodomein’s web presence lifts the veil and invites you to make your eyes twinkle again, helping you and your team find your route to deliver a positive impact in the world and companies to find their own map in their mission and culture. Roosmarijn and her team skillfully crafted – taking lessons from nature into account – a landscape of Creative Learning Methods. I had the privilege to attend an introductory session whereby you can see the Geodomein team in action and meet other sparkling eyes who have an interest in discovering what their talent is and what it takes to make you feel comfortable in your own skin. During this session Roosmarijn grasped from the very first moment the attention by sharing her personal story. She focuses on specific questions and through applying her own experience, providing intriguing examples and engaging the audience it is guaranteed a super inspiring session. She has a warm natural talent to inspire people and get you excited in wanting to know and learn more. We also had the opportunity to dive a bit deeper into the content and approach of the new annual programs. Diligent timekeeping by Marlon was of the essence to ensure there is an opportunity for the audience to ask questions throughout the session. And one of golden rules to make this a success is excellent preparation and being passionate about what you do and stand for. This taster is for me definitely a sparkle to something bigger for myself and I would anyone who is interested to learn more about these creative learning methods encourage to get in touch with Roosmarijn and discover your twinkle again.

Kaat Vannieuwenborgh

Director, S&P Global Ratings

“I love working with Roosmarijn and her growing company Geodomein. They are our first trusted partner for Talent Dynamics in the Netherlands. We have huge plans working together for the coming years.”

Michelle Clarke

Global Partnerships Manager and Co-Fouder of Talent Dynamics, GeniusU and Entrepreneurs Institute

We had two enlightening hours with our MT and Roosmarijn in this Map your team tour session. It was brilliant stuff. We found it was very revealing. We are eager to learn more about each team members’ profile so we better understand what to expect and how to communicate with each other.

Joel Sutton

Chief Executive Officer, Cloud Spa

Roosmarijn is a person with a passion for a better world. She is positively energetic and infectiously enthusiastic. Working with her is a great experience. Her positive energy adds life to any situation and her vision of what she is creating is impressive. A catalyst for higher thinking.

Adriann Meyer

Kickstarter, Sprudello

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