Realizing change for team members

We invite you to join a transformational 10-month program for a mixed group of employees, first time managers, advisors and entrepreneurs from different organisations and companies who wish to produce change.

Do you see that something needs to change in your team or organisation or is there a change task? Do you have too much work and does productivity need to increase? Do you work alongside each other instead of together? Do you miss connection to the rest of the organisation? Are you willing to change yourself? In short, are you eager to tackle this and do you want to discover how?

For team members; employees, advisors, 1st-time managers and entrepreneurs with a team (wish)

10 months


15-30 attendees

Discover your talents, your passions and your goals
Develop a strong view on how your talent can contribute to change in your organisation
Translate your insights into solid steps for yourself within your team

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We create and deliver systemic transformational programs.


Sometimes people after a training program return to find their oganisation unchanged, while they have. And then leave… This means that the change-minded people leave while the others remain. This annual program ensures you that you not only change yourself but gradually also learn how to change your team(s) and organisation(s). Time is needed for change, hence an annual program.


Our internationally tested concept approaches systemic leadership in a holistic way.


We do not necessarily distinguish between your professional and your private life and we not only look at you but also at your team and your organisation or company. We work from the inside out and then from the outside in.


Change is a long-term process. That is why we opt for an annual program.


Our programs are transformations, not dry presentations. In addition, we use the ‘peer-to-peer’ learning principle; to put it simply: we learn from the experiences of each other and change through experiences and insights.


Our cooperation has clearly defined goals and we measure the impact achieved. We also have a social promise. For every pair of eyes that we let shine through the annual training, we give another person in the world the opportunity to shine through B1G1. You soon can follow our score on GeniusU.


We are not academics. We have led teams and solved real business problems. We believe that when leaders let their eyes shine again because they know what they are good at and really do what they like, they can better motivate and lead their teams.


This program is based on learning by doing. We exchange offline workshops with individual acceleration sessions and online group sessions. Furthermore, we help you learn through interactive personal development assignments, the exchange of theory, group exercises and individual actions with fun learning methods. By involving your manager and / or your team in this annual program you get more sustainable results.


  • For a group of 15-30 team members, employees, advisors, first time managers and entrepreneurs with a team (or a team wish)
  • A 10-month program structured around two phases with recurring modules
  • Plus an extra bonus module: Map your data (optional)
Phase 1 From the inside out Phase 2 From the outside in
Map yourself Fill your personal strategic  proposition canvas and find your natural talents, passions & purpose Map your progress Describe your personal highlights, challenges, prancing questions and key learning’s
Map your vision Understand the stages of the Vision Map and develop a compelling and robust vision and scenarios for the future using the Vision Compass Map yourself Identify and eliminate your blocks to flow and learn how to ask better questions from a different energy perspective
Map your system Discover blockage in your personal system that were not visible yet Map your system Understand how the system of the organisation contributes to your success and challenges
Map your progress Allocate highlights, challenges and key learning’s Map your leadership Have a deeper insight into the impact of your behaviour and build your personal management style
Map your team Understand the value of team members and change your interactions, collaboration and communication within your team Map your team Deal effectively with resistance to change and develop ways to positively influence the players in your team
Map your data Getting started with quality. What is the norm? What is Quality? And why do we all think differently about it?    

This program is based on learning by doing. We alternate group workshops with individual accelerator sessions and group accelerator sessions. Furthermore we help your learning process through interactive personal development assignments, and interchange theory, group exercises, and individual actions with fun learning methods. By engaging your manager you will get more sustainable results.


The program is divided into 2 phases:
 Phase 1: may 2019 – nov 2019. Phase 2: jan 2020 – may 2020. *No workshops and sessions over the summer (July, August).


May 2019 Workshop #1 Map yourself 1 day
May-Jun Individual Acceleration session #1 Map your system 2.5 hours
Jun  Workshop #2 Map your vision 1 day
Sep Group Acceleration Session #1 Map your progress 2 hours
Oct Workshop #3 Map your team + Map your data 1 day
Nov Group Acceleration Session #2 Map your progress 2 hours
Jan 2020 Workshop #4 Map yourself ½ day
Feb-March Individual Acceleration session #2 Map your system 2.5 hours
March Workshop #5 Map your leadership ½ day
Apr Workshop #6 Map your team ½ day
May Closing event 2 hours


  • Discovered your talents, your passions and your purpose
  • Developed a strong view of how your talent can contribute to change
  • Defined your vision by creating stimulating future visions
  • Gained insights into your personal system from blockage to your first step
  • Translated your insights into concrete actions for yourself within your team
  • Learned to deal with individual interests in a collaboration smartly
  • Made flexible use of methodologies and tests for yourself and your team
  • Insights in the complexity of the system of your company or organization
  • Learned to effectively guide change by building support
  • Have directed everybody in the same way by enthusing your colleagues


  • Various learning methods created by Roosmarijn Haring, developed over years as coach
  • Proven profiling tools like Talent Dynamics created by Roger Hamilton & Michelle Clarke
  • Navigating change with confidence with a creative mindset to open new opportunities
  • Integrating positive psychology, behavioural patterns and systemic constellations
  • Thoroughly guiding change makers over a longer period of time from the inside out and then from the outside in
  • Experience of guiding ca. 750 team players from various organisations in the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK 20+ years of experience in companies as well as organisations, ranging from management and project management positions to leading and coaching teams and working with management teams on team related issues in various transformational programs.
Roosmarijn Haring GeodomeinRoosmarijn Haring

Roosmarijn her purpose is changing changemakers to shift systems and sparkle eyes. She is the founder of Geodomein, an international training company. Geodomein focuses on changing systems of organisations from within by guiding key players in teams with strategic transformational programs. Since 2013, Geodomein has worked with senior professionals and their teams in the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK. She is certified master trainer, constellations expert, author and speaker and created various team programs and games. Before founding Geodomein, Roosmarijn held various positions in businesses and organisations internationally. As Reed Business (Elsevier) editor-in-chief she hunted the best stories globally within tech niches, and led the ideal team from the MT. As project manager in organisations she influenced decision makers and policy makers. Roosmarijn lives in the Netherlands with her husband and two kids.

Jan Everts GeodomeinJan Everts

Jan’s purpose is to get the best out of individuals and/or teams. ‘Develop yourself with passion’ is his slogan. As a trainer at Geodomein he creates impact on people and starts a transformation to longlife self development. When working with teams he is searching for ways to create outstanding performing teams without losing the personal view of each individual. He guides in a casual and personal way. No-nonsense, confronting with compassion and humor. Before founding his coaching, training & consultancy business, Jan held various management and project management positions within ING. As a HR Expert and certified coach, he coached young talents and lead intervision sessions within the ING Talent Development programs. Jan lives in the Netherlands with his girlfriend and their four kids.


“In addition to the great personal insights I gained, we as team learned lots, like where our strengths are, which energies are overrepresented and which need attention. The program was nice and clear! I want to learn me more, both personally as for my team.” “For me all the pieces of the puzzle came together. I gained not only insight, but also a structure that helped me achieve my goals personally and for my team, our motivations changed. The program was very enlightening using trust, flow and system dynamics.” “A big advantage is that my specialized work is not an issue, as the trainer understands. This allows us to focus on my passions & drives and what moves me. The program gives me an excellent way to experience a different route in my life path. It is fun, innovative and brings me into the right flow. I benefit from it, as do my team and my family!”


Duration: 10 training days / day parts and about 40 hours of independent study for preparing the lessons and feedback to your team or organisation

Entry level: Dutch ‘HBO’ working and thinking level

Location: Rotating with the organizations of all participants, we also come to you

Dates: The program kicks of in the new year 2019 with mapping your vision. We start with one day in the last week of November. Contact us for the exact start dates

Lesson times: 10 am – 5 pm

Costs: from € 4,500 this first year for €4,000 * (excluding VAT), including study material, coffee / tea. Excluding lunch

* discount for more participants from the same organisation

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is it suitable for me as a manager or for someone in my team? Answer: If you are a first time manager you can participate yourself or you can give a team member the opportunity to develop further. A condition for participation is that someone is willing to change.

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