Roosmarijn Haring: "Do your eyes sparkle?"

About Roosmarijn

Roosmarijn Haring, founder of Geodomein, has a geographical background. She decided she wanted to understand mother earth, as she noticed nature has so many lessons for us to learn from if we are willing to listen to it. Roosmarijn loved going to university; there her eyes started to sparkle. Enthusiastically she could tell about the things she saw around her, to total strangers in the train on her way to university or to anybody that was interested.

Over the years with her enthusiasm people asked her to coach and train them and their teams. She learned to connect with her intuition more by doing and with follow-up training and with that could help people transform and have their eyes sparkle too.

The world has become noisier over the years. Sometimes it seems we are losing the connection to our environment and get lost. Geodomein uses maps as metaphor to find flow and helps uncover hidden stories within people. The name ‘Geodomein’ refers to: “the world is your domain”.

Roosmarijn was looking for the perfect profiling tool to map teams. Finding Talent Dynamics in June 2017 has made a major shift, as it truly helps teams revolutionize what they do. Roosmarijn totally revamped her company Geodomein, systemized her workshops, grew her team and is now Global Partner of Talent Dynamics & Wealth Dynamics for the Netherlands and she with her team delivers transformational programs for individuals and teams.

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“There is a crack in everything – that’s where the light gets in”

Leonard Cohen
Roosmarijn Haring schilder Geodomein

What do a few people know about you?

  • That I once a month treat myself to a stack of management books;
  • That I paint your favourite song at HeARTsongpaintings;
  • That I am a proud mom of a boy and a girl;
  • That I, together with my prince, have built a sustainable barn house in ‘the green’.
Michelle Clarke
Michelle ClarkeGlobal Partnerships Manager and Co-Fouder of Talent Dynamics, GeniusU and Entrepreneurs Institute
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“Roosmarijn is a mentor you can trust. As well as being the No 1 Talent Dynamics consultant in the Netherlands, Roosmarijn does what she says she will do, by the time she says she will! She pays real attention to the needs of her clients. Making sure they have an incredible experience and receive real value is important to her.”
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