Our team

Geodomein Roosmarijn

Roosmarijn Haring

CEO & ‘Creator’

Our Chief Executive Officer is in charge of the management of the organisation. Roosmarijn is also the founder and drives the purpose, vision and mission of the company. She is the creator of our workshops, games and products and is responsible for connecting the business with the market, having the final say in budgeting, investment decisions and directing the company’s strategies so that it achieves its objectives. She provides guidance and resources to the team and removes obstacles. For our clients she is certified Master Trainer, constellations expert, author and speaker.

Marlon Geodomein

Marlon Slob

COO & ‘Trader’

Our Chief Operations Officer is in charge of the day-to-day administration and operation of the business. Marlon reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer and is her right hand. She is also our reliable tower of strength when it comes to Customer Service. With her perfect sense of timing she takes care of planning and organisation. She is often the first contact for our clients and takes time to listen to you.

Sebastiaan Geodomein

Sebastiaan van der Meer

CIO & ‘Accumulator’

Our Chief Information Officer looks after the systems of the company that are related to information technology at the process level and from the point of view of planning. Sebastiaan analyses the benefits new technologies can offer, identifies which ones are more interesting to the company and evaluate its operation. He focuses on improving the efficiency and timing of our internal processes in order to ensure effective communication and to keep the organisation functioning smoothly.

Hans Haring Geodomein

Hans Haring

MEC & ‘Mechanic’

Our Member of the Extraordinary Special Council provides the Chief Executive Officer with solicited and unsolicited advice. Hans has a proven track record as multiple business owner, serial founder and creator of cultural initiatives, publisher, author en speaker. Besides this he is active in the local politics and a champion of a transparent governance.

Gerard Burgering Geodomein

Gerard Burgering

MEC & ‘Star’

Our Member of the Extraordinary Special Council provides the Chief Executive Officer with solicited and unsolicited advice. Gerard has a track record as entrepreneur in business development and marketing and was CEO within the Human Resource Industry, and cofounder of various SME’s. Besides that he was advisor for Regional Development Agencies. He loves creating new business and exploring opportunities within the service industry.

Marco Prins Geodomein Raad

Marco Prins

MEC & ‘Supporter’

Our Member of the Extraordinary Special Council provides solicited and unsolicited advice to the CEO. Marco is our conscience for our company reputation, and helps solicit and unsolicited ideas about our brand strategies. Marco focuses on the media relationship to guarantee brand awareness and positive image formation. He strives for positive feedback and favorable mood from customers. For our team, he is a mentor and ensures a good dose of fun.

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