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We would like to invite you to a one-day team program, designed to get the true potential out
of your team. The program is suitable for medium-sized teams within
government institutions, educational institutions and companies. Customisation
is possible for MTs and larger teams.

Is your team not working the way you want it to work? Is there any hassle or irritation between team members? Does it feel like you and your team are not speaking the same language? Are all of you too much of the same? Are there mistakes that cannot be properly interpreted? Do you oppose barricades in growth, turnover, production or efficiency? Are you working hard as a team?

For teams in government, education and business

1 day
€ 4.500
7 - 20 participants
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Breng je team in kaart Geodomein


We create and deliver substantive team programs with team spirit that are fun as well.


Most companies leave their true potential unused. This not only leads to the loss of passion and productivity, but also to millions of euros. There is a way in which you can stop this trend and even turn it around, by putting every person in your team on his or her true talents. It does not matter how big or small your team or company is. This team development program works.


Our internationally tested concept is classic amongst the talent workshops and is used all over the world.


Our cooperation has clearly defined goals and we measure the impact achieved. We also have a social promise. For every pair of eyes we let shine through the annual training, we give another person in the world the opportunity to shine through B1G1. You can soon follow our score on GeniusU.


We are not academics. We have led teams and solved real business problems. We believe that when leaders know what they are really good at and do what they like their eyes will shine. With their shining eyes they will be better in motivating, inspiring and leading teams.


With this program, all participants complete a questionnaire beforehand to see what their natural preferences have. This way we get to know the participants a bit better. Together with the team leader or client, a telephone consultation takes place to listen to the question behind the question. On the day we exchange theory with group assignments and individual questions and also provide a good portion of fun.

With this day program we dive into all the talents in your team. We look at how you work together, we unblock blockages or anchor the successes that are already there. We do all kinds of exercises so that team members get a better understanding of each other’s behavior and ways of thinking and we provide a safe setting to discuss vulnerable topics. We work towards trust, ‘flow’ and productivity growth.


  • Extensive reports per individual
  • Customised team results of your combined talents
  • Insight into the state of affairs of your mutual cooperation
  • Insight into the possibly missing talents
  • Understanding what you are very good at
  • Fun exercises with each other to get more understanding for each other
  • Receiving coaching and receiving new insights
  • To be able to discuss the problem analysis in advance
  • Changed successes or unblocked blockades
  • Safely discussed vulnerable issues
Roosmarijn Haring GeodomeinRoosmarijn Haring

Roosmarijn’s goal is to change changemakers to shift systems and let eyes shine. She is the founder of Geodomein, an international training company. Geodomein focuses on changing systems of organizations from within by guiding key players in teams with strategic transformational programs. Since 2013, Geodomein has worked with senior professionals and their teams in the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK. She is a certified master trainer, line-up expert, author and speaker and has developed various team programs and games. Before the foundation of Geodomein, Roosmarijn held various positions in companies and organizations at international level. As editor of Reed Business (Elsevier), she hunted the best stories in technological niches around the world and led the ideal team. As a manager in organizations, she has influenced decision makers and policy makers. Roosmarijn lives in the Netherlands with her husband and two children.

Jan Everts GeodomeinJan Everts

The goal of Jan is to get the best out of individuals and / or teams. ‘Develop yourself with passion’ is his slogan. As a trainer at Geodomein, he creates an impact on people and starts a long-term transformation to self-development. When working with teams, he looks for ways to create excellent teams without losing the personal image of each individual. He guides in a relaxed and personal way. No-nonsense, confronting with compassion and humor. Before he founded his coaching, training & consultancy company, Jan held various management and project management positions at ING. As an HR expert and certified coach, he coached young talents and led intervision sessions within the ING Talent Development programs. Jan lives in the Netherlands with his girlfriend and their four children.


Kees Jansen Geodomein“Geodomein has aptly mapped out our current team with the help of Talent Dynamics, in addition to personal insights, also for the team as a whole: where are our strengths, which energies are overrepresented and what do we use as a team too little. I want to experience more for this, both personally and for the team. ”

Kees Jansen Study leader Geo Media & Design, Aeres University of Applied Sciences Almere


Joel Sutton Geodomein“We had two enlightening hours with our MT and Roosmarijn in this Map your team tour session. It was brilliant stuff. We found it was very revealing. We are eager to learn more about each team members’ profile so we better understand what to expect and how to communicate with each other.”

Joel Sutton Chief Executive Officer, Cloud Spa

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