We deliver team programs, systemic transformational programs and customised
change programs for organisations and companies. Besides that we offer
individual leadership training to make your eyes twinkle again.

Team Programs

Breng je team in kaart programma Geodomein

Do you want to work with team spirit in your team, discover what talents there are in your team and help each other unlock the greatest potential in your team? Most organisations leave the true potential of their people unused. This not only leads to the loss of passion and productivity, but also the loss of millions of euros. This tendency can be reversed by addressing every team member for his or her talent.

Type: day program

For whom: teams of organisations, companies, educational institutions in the Netherlands and International

Number of graduates: 203

Number of organisations: 33

Cross-company programs

Succesvol geo-team Geodomein

Do you want to develop or improve your leadership skills? Do you want to make a lasting positive change in yourself, your team and organisation? Through our mixed groups of different organisations and companies you learn from each other while you discover what your talent, passion, purpose, and vision are. And you improve your ability to motivate others.

Type: two types of year programs

Duration: 1 year

For whom: team members, employees, middle managers, team leaders and women in the Netherlands and Belgium

Number of graduates: >1000

Number of organisations: 110

Inter-company programs

overheidsparticipatie in plaats van inspraak | geodomein

Is there a change assignment or a reorganisation in your organisation or company? Changing is people’s work. We help to transform key figures in organisations so that they themselves can lead the change. We enthuse and motivate team members to work together from their talent, passion and goals and look at the team dynamics and the organisation as an eco-system.

Type: Customised program

Duration: Pressure cooker and half year

For whom:
 individual persons within departments, organisations, companies in the Netherlands and Belgium

Number of graduates: 440

Number of organisations: 18

Individual programs

geo-informatie team geodomein

Are you facing a major change in your work or are you unable to get to the next level? Do you feel that you do not get the greatest potential from yourself? We look at what you need and create an individual plan for you based on your specific questions. Come to one of our events or make an online appointment without obligation.

Type: Customised program

Duration: ranging from 1 day to 1 year

For whom: individual managers, business owners in the Netherlands and International

Number of graduates: 86

Number of organisations: 30

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