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We are living in a world today where so many people are lost, even though we have better tools than ever to basically geo-locate each other. This is about understanding that in this world, finding your place in the world is the most important thing. We help you and your team find your route to deliver a positive impact in the world.


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I come from a world where I have worked with lots of different tests, tests that reveal personality, behaviour and various other things. However, I have not previously done a test that so accurately exposed my ‘being’ in such a short time. I think that every team should do this test, I am convinced of the usefulness and the sense, who follows?

Tiny Nuiten

Managing Director, Realworld Systems

We had two enlightening hours with our MT and Roosmarijn in this Map your team tour session. It was brilliant stuff. We found it was very revealing. We are eager to learn more about each team members’ profile so we better understand what to expect and how to communicate with each other.

Joel Sutton

Chief Executive Officer, Cloud Spa

“I love working with Roosmarijn and her growing company Geodomein. They are our first trusted partner for Talent Dynamics in the Netherlands. We have huge plans working together for the coming years.”

Michelle Clarke

Global Partnerships Manager and Co-Fouder of Talent Dynamics, GeniusU and Entrepreneurs Institute

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